Author Topic: Into the Abyss - Gaza and the Crisis of Political Morality_1  (Read 36 times)


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Into the Abyss - Gaza and the Crisis of Political Morality_1
« on: September 19, 2013, 01:14:29 am »
Whatever one's reading of Hamas's intentions as it takes over the leadership of the Palestinian Authority,eccobiom-dk, the notion that its sweeping electoral victory spells "the end of the peace process" is nonsense. The peace process died when Sharon was elected prime minister in 2000. More correctly, it was killed-with malice aforethought-by Sharon's "unilateralism" with which he implemented the disengagement from Gaza,clarksdesertbootsuk, which in turn provided cover for his continued unilateralism. That he was bringing off the disengagement against the wishes of the settlers helped to divert attention from his refusal to have any negotiations with the Palestinians. Unilateralism continues to serve as the euphemism for Israeli policies that are expropriating half of what was to have been the state of Palestine, and are concentrating the Palestinian population,billigeeccosko, about to outnumber the Jewish population,clarksdesertbootsstore, in territorially disconnected Bantustans that make a mockery of the promise of an independent,clarksdesertbootsoutlet, sovereign, and viable Palestinian

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